The Virtual Reality Suitcase

All in one

Ino-VR suitcase have been developed in order to easily use and transport virtual reality. Headset VR, computer already programmed, touchscreen 13″, all your virtual reality instalment is in the suitcase.



Available with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive





Light and compact, the Ino-VR suitcase is ready for all transport and environment aspect. Strong HPX resin, hand luggage format, sluice gate Vortex® and ergonomic hand. Bring your virtual reality projects everywhere.


22 lbs

20,9 x 15,7 x 8,3 inch



Plug and Play

Prepare yourself in less than 2 minutes. Everything is installed and ready to run. It has never been so easy.

Set-up time
< 2 min


The quality of your VR experience is highly
dependent of the material used. Ino-VR
suitcase is totally VR ready, the integrated
computer fully meets the VR needs of
companies and also simple users.




Ino-VR could also assist you in the manufacturing
of a personalized suitcase (colors, sizes,
graphic card…)







GTX 1070
i5 7500T
Windows 10

Ino-VR Suitcases

They trust us



Created in 2016, Ino-VR company mission is to democratize the Virtual Reality.

Indeed, the Virtual Reality technology has a big potential in healthcare, training, events. But, this technology is difficult to install and transport. That’s why, Ino-VR decided to develop a suitcase which allows you to use this technology without difficulties.


Simplicity of our suitcase allow you an user-friendly and easy use of virtual reality.


Thanks to our tool, many companies can use easily their virtual reality contents.



Virtual Reality is tomorrow’s challenge. Let’s start today.

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